Ava Taylor (YAMA Talent) Gives Her Play-By-Play of NY Yoga Journal Conference /// OMG, Like, LOL

YAMA Talent‘s Ava Taylor has got her NY Yoga Journal Conference highlights up on WellAndGoodNYC.

Be sure to check it out and find the answers to these amazing yogic inquiries:

  • Did Ava ever get her mani/pedi???
  • Did Ava find a mat to use since she forgot hers???
  • Did Waylon Lewis of Elephant Journal really become a vegan???
  • Was Ava able to get up at the wee hour of 6am???
  • Who did Ava dance with at Swing 46???
  • Was there really a talk called “Yoga Shouldn’t Hurt”???

Otherwise, have a great weekend!


  1. amphibi1yogini

    Was Ava asleep at the switch when Facebook did a number on Sadie’s summer yoga body program for sale ..?

  2. looking up

    Wait, that was a spoof, right? Right?

  3. looking up

    But how can:

    “8:00 am – forgot my damn yoga mat! was a little frazzled running out the door: had trouble choosing which canvas tote to bring. the Jean Paul Gaultier won.”

    be serious?

    Or rather, how is it supposed to make me feel? Am I supposed to laugh in recognition of all the times I’ve had that problem? Am I supposed to feel bad because I don’t have a Jean Paul Gaultier canvas tote?

    Noooo… I felt more like, “ha ha look at this funny satire of yogish celebrity nonsense, it reminds me of my favorite website, The Babarazzi.” Yeah. So, I’m pretty sure it’s spoof. Very funny jokes, Ava!

    • I know. Those celebriyogis and their satire. Sooo funny!

      Hey, speaking of satire…. Can a celebriyogi engage in satire of any serious nature, or has their embodiment of all things yuppie made it impossible for them to satirize anything but themselves? If that were the case, wouldn’t it be the most beautiful manifestation of poetic justice!?

  4. Greenpoint

    it’s like “reading” a car accident in slow motion…

  5. Yoga Dude

    I gave it a read. In my neighborhood we called someone like that a “nutswinger”.

  6. Itstrue

    Oh I see Yoga in New York has now turned into THE most superficial practice you can engage in. Thanks for clearing that up YAMA and yoga journal.

  7. Pitiful. It appears that the only references poor Ava has to cull from for her “journalistic” endeavors are the gossip rags and red carpet interviews. The paltry question: “who are you wearing?” seems to be the only thing that Ava’s bereft imagination can come up with. Ava, I know you. I thought you had some chutzpah. Has our celebrity worship culture robbed you of every vestige of critical thinking? Could you not come up with ANYthing more interesting than to take note of what the teachers are wearing? I mean, I am actually appalled. And as you know, it’s pretty hard to appall me. But it’s fine. Let’s just never pretend that this stuff is anything different from US Magazine. ANd make that clear to Elena Brower and the others. Tell them frankly that you are treating the Yoga journal Conference like a red carpet promo. The banality of the narrative is repulsive. Thank you, Babarazzi, for turning me onto to this latest confederacy of dunces. x

  8. Barb

    Leslie Kaminoff said he was going to kick your ass as soon as he finds out who you are.

  9. Greenpoint

    Barb must be practicing satire…

  10. Ryan

    Ava Taylor is a genius. Clients pay her write, talk and act like this. The simplest ideas are usually the best.

    • I want to understand your point, Ryan. When you say “clients pay her (to) write, talk and act like this”– are you referring to the fact Ava gets a percentage of, for example, Shiva Rea’s pay check for teaching at the YJ conference and are you suggesting that during this exchange of money Shiva has said to Ava: “say something about my entourage”. Or that Brower said to Ava: “tell the world that I was nabbed by lole”? Or that Dana Flynn said “for your cut of my dough this weekend tell the people what my t-shirt says, Ava. Tell them it says: LIFE.” And am I right to assume that you are saying these “ideas” of Ava’s are proof of “a person endowed with transcendent mental superiority; especially : a person with a very high IQ” which is how Merriam-Webster defines GENIUS?
      Tell me more…..

      • Ryan

        Thanks for your post, it got me thinking more about YAMA. I am changing my opinion. I would not say genius anymore. Weather it be the dictionary definition, slang, or sarcasm. My opinion of YAMA would be manipulation. How? This small article by Ava Taylor is either terrible or a troll. If this is a troll article, then who is being trolled? I would say this blog and it’s readers. If this is a troll article and if this blog is the target then we know that The Babarazzi have hit a nerve. On the other hand, if this is just plain terrible writing then her clients are the people being manipulated. They pay her to promote and enhance their opportunities to market themselves. This article that she wrote is so terrible that I have no desire to spend any of my money on the products/people mentioned. Isn’t that the opposite of what an agent is supposed to do? They have been hood-winked into paying someone for absolute crap that probably took 10 minutes to write.

        Or maybe I am wrong, but it is nice to have a discussion. Thanks for the editing help Alex Auder. I am not a good writer.

        • Wow, ryan, I am genuinely flattered. This commenting thing is new to me and I’v been obsessively checking to see if anyone has commented on my comments (yes, I admit, narcissistic and pointless, but I spend a lot of time pinned down nursing a baby with the computer an arms distance away). Anyway, I think this deceptively silly little post of Ava’s is a vivid example of what the Babarazzi are attempting to expose. Ava, of course, is a lovely person trying to make a living at something she enjoys. But she has been mind-fucked by Big Brother (the Orwellian kind). She doesn’t even realize how much the grip of unregulated capitalism/consumerism/celebrity worship has influenced her thought process. Or so say I. x

        • chai fan

          Wow. The two of you (Ryan and Alex Auder) raise really interesing points. One of them, that yama is manipulating the Babarazzi and anyone criticizing her, ie the troll theory (in that case, I totally get your initial use of the term genius). The other that she is well intentioned but brain washed by consumer culture. Otherwise, how could this have been written in any seriousness? I tend to believe the latter is the case. I know some of the people she mentions. And I think they want to be name-dropped and have it be suggested they are running the show over there at the conference. As the front runners of the whole yoga scene, therefore somehow the most “famous” and important. That is turned out in horribly bad taste, well maybe they don’t know how it would all be spelled out (and I wonder how THEY view the article!). But this idea that she wrote it as a response to all this stuff…wow. You know, just maybe. But to so many it will just make her look bad, so it interesting if she were to take the risk. Anyway, thank you both for the very interesting points you bring up. Also, I tried to post this at the bottom of the whole interaction, but was somehow delegated to the the second to last. Not trying to put myself above either of you!

          • Wait. So there’s a suggestion that the Ava piece was a fake, written only to get a rise out of us???

            That’d be amazing!

            (But, I highly highly doubt it. People at the cool kids table rarely care what the [even cooler] punk kids think).

  11. JJ Love

    I just read her thing in well and good. I am astounded at how bad this whole thing really is. I thought I knew. But- my god. All I can say is OH MY FUCKING GOD.

  12. Reason number 18,903,435,211 Why I’m So Glad that I Now Live in New Zealand.


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