An Interview with The Babarazzi

Illustration: Matthew Steinke

Last week The Babarazzi were contacted by YogaCityNYC and asked if we could be interviewed. We’ve had a number of requests offered for such meetings, however, YCNYC was the first to respect our “conditions” in regards to personal interviews.

We would like to thank YCNYC for their willingness to meet us in a random locale, for their interest in our work, and for sending such an attractive interviewer.

You may read the full interview here.

As our entire discussion was scribbled into a notebook with a pen by the interviewer, naturally there are a few corrections to the piece:

  1. At the beginning of the interview Aghori offered sunflower seeds and cranberries, not raisins.
  2. Collectively we call ourselves “The Babarazzi,” however, the person we sent forward for the interview was “Aghori Babarazzi.”
  3. We would say Aghori’s outfit was more “Bedouin chic” than burka.
  4. The Babarazzi are typically without, or are of many, genders.
  5. The name “Babarazzi” is a hybrid of “baba” and “paparazzi,” not “babu” and “paparazzi.”
  6. The aghorin of India (pardon the generalization) take on the scorn of others in order to overcome the ego, rather than simply make people angry.


  1. Greenpoint

    well, trying to stay positive, the “illustration” is hilarious (and somehow I think it will piss people off!), and I hope the interviewer was cute…

  2. tiryak gati

    with your background “BUB” (in publishing, and “some” yoga), why not engage discussions on shastra and practice?

  3. greenpoint: We’re loving the illustration

    tiryak: We’d be MORE than happy to do so if given the right time. Though I must say, once you get us started on that, we could be here for a while…. Wait, you’re quoting the word “some.” Did someone use the word “some?”

  4. tiryak gati

    Aghor Medicine by Barrett offers a different approach on the modern Aghori, and how that perspective can be applied. Perhaps it’s your talent (the work you’ve offered thus far), but I am hoping to entice you to utilize that keen mind to illuminate aspects of practice – the things you, and I, and many of others stand for… In the least, humor me.

    For every shocking post you put up, I may ask you to put up an enlightening quote or response to a related topic, for balance. “some” is a playful tickle to bait you to share positively from your experience. we are all just practitioners here…

    • Now that’s a great comment, tiryak. Here is my response:

      First, the book you mention sounds ABSOLUTELY fantastic. I’ll make sure we get a copy around here.

      Second, for now we’re not in the business of strictly providing exegesis on texts or practice. Not that we wouldn’t LOOOOOOVE to go there, but we try to do so (for now) in the belly of our critiques. Meaning: we might hint at a text or practice when talking about someone’s boobs or penis, but leave it up to the reader to follow that trail and uncover some of that for themselves.

      Right now we are focusing on a media-critique of yoga pop culture.

      But keep your eyes open. You seem like the type of person that will be able to pick out some of the more esoteric (truly for lack of better term) bits.

  5. tiryak gati

    well, I guess with all of this “caped-crusader’ biz, what I think is truly subversive and in the right (dakshina), would be to promote yoga, in precisely a non-commercial manner. I think the visceral, emotional response people have to certain posts, as well as to the unfortunate direction of the yoga-pop-industry venture is the “rnanabandhana.” We are likely feeling the debt that we owe to those who have gone before, and the mess that we are stewing in as a result of not fulfilling

  6. Yoga Dude

    That image would make a delightful t-shirt.

  7. J

    I’m not sure where to begin.

    I’ve just discovered your blog, and have spent the last 2 hours gleefully digesting a dozen or so of your posts and the accompanying comments. Doing so has brought me great joy and more than a little laughter.


    Not that it really matters, but you might find it interesting to know that I was for some years a full time yoga teacher in a very large city. I no longer teach. Because of who my teachers were and because of which cities I’ve lived in, I have over the last 14 years personally interacted with many of the celebriyogis you have written about here and many that you have not yet written about.

    I mention the above only so that the following perhaps carries a little more weight: please keep it up. Your voice is very needed and welcome. Celebrity yoga culture has, as you say, become quite a drag. Your taking the piss out of those who would commodify and brand that which has given so many of us so much freedom and joy is a great gift. Perhaps most important of all… your blog is funny as fuck.

    Again… thanks.

    • J. We very very very much appreciate your enthusiasm for the site! And, so happy to see we share a similar taste in humor. Thanks for commenting. Feel free to be in touch anytime the spirit calls you to do so.


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