On Being Dropped From Elephant Journal


What. A. Weekend!

For those of you who don’t know, yesterday our article “Is YAMA Talent More Harmful To The ‘Yoga Community’ Than John Friend’s Penis Pursuits?” was removed from Elephant Journal. While Waylon Lewis, as well as Kate Bartolotta were extremely gracious hosts, forced to field hate mail from both blog troller and upper crust “yogi” alike, in the end it was deemed best to remove the piece.

During the short time the article was live (roughly 48 hours) it generated over 2,000 hits, while people commenting on the piece went more or less nuts calling us assholes and fakes. We wanted to see where the conversation would go for people, and stayed outside the fray and let Sadie Nardini redefine the article as a slight against her, while the rest of the crowd either sang her and the fame-centric yoga world she maintains praise, or called for our virtual heads to be served on a platter.

From our vantage point, the response and ultimate finale could not have been more poetic. Our intent for the piece was to pair the empty commercialism of yoga culture that permeates every crack of Western yoga practice against the outcry over John Friend putting his penis where it seemed to belong until sex-afraid yogis started feeling dirty. The response to the article began in a way that highlighted that dichotomy, however the discussion was then, in a brilliant marketing move, quickly derailed into a discussion of whether or not Sadie Nardini should be able to make money peddling teacher training courses that to us sound more like “Millionaire Maker” Marshall Sylver‘s get-rich-fast Turning Point Seminars than anything else (see for yourself).

And while people were sending hate mail to the editors at Elephant Journal, and we were getting “shame on you” emails from yoga moms the world over, Waylon and The Babarazzi found a way to put an end to the mayhem. Elephant Journal has a no “nome de plume” policy that is intended to maintain a standard of transparency on the site. And, as you know, we The Babarazzi have a strict pro “nome de plume” policy that allows the collective of Babarazzi writers to create chaos under a single banner. The incongruency of these two positions forced both our hands and the piece was removed.

In the end, the happening as a whole left us with mixed emotions.

On the one hand, what we do here at The Babarazzi HQ is intentionally provocative. We have elevated mockery to the level of social critique in such a way as to draw celebriyogis and those that directly facilitate the overcommercialization of the yogic tradition out into the open, in a way, forcing them to step out from behind their imagined facade and into the halogen-powered street lights. On the other hand, we’re just writing about what we see with no intent to provoke. As crazy as it may sound, provocation is not our main intent. Taking on the role of paparazzi to the yogilebrities of the world, however, is. For us, it is an act of social criticism and exposure to do so. We use the rules laid out for us by the paparazzi parasites of the world in order to critique the celebrity parasites of the yoga world. So far, it is working.

Thank you, our core following, The Babarizzinis, for participating in what promises to be an interesting adventure. We leave you with this….


  1. I thought you “gals” at The Babarazzi might enjoy this. Below, I’ve pasted an email I wrote to my students a couple of years ago.
    Here it is:
    Before I get to the logistics of the schedule, I wanted you to know that I will be the official yoga rep for a new line of ADIDAS yoga clothes called:
    I recommend you try the yoga pants out because each pair has a mandala on the anal seam of the pant (hand-sewn by children from the Gindoo-Gindoo tribe) and a special “key to the Muladhara Chakra” hidden in a small pocket at the center of the mandala that allows you to do #2 without ever pulling down the leggings. You don’t even have to stop practicing to go the bathroom. Check out my demo videos and A-NUS teachings on the Adidas website.
    I’ve made a small fortune.

  2. Bobcat

    For a moment I felt defeated. Like the whole yoga community prefer to practice yoga in their undies lying around with hundred others next to the bearded dudes versus me preferring to practice at home or with a few others (including some bearded dudes) in intimate classes that don’t involve various yoga toys. Then I realized that sex, money and power are the things that led JF to his demise. I don’t need to worry about yoga nor defend my position. Yoga shows have their place and you are doing a great job putting them right where they belong.

  3. Greenpoint

    A-Nus, I think that’s genius!

    Which is probably why I don’t make a living at marketing/advertising….

  4. Yoga Dude

    Tis better to have said what you wanted to say and get dropped than to fit in and fade away.

    Bully for you!

  5. I am glad it was dropped. I was bothered by the implications, continued undercuts without facts and general denigrating. I was going to write Waylon about it later today.

  6. sutra3.48

    Whew! Thank you thank you thank you! i was turned onto you through EJ, even though they took the article down they left a trail of gingerbread crumbs. Finally a seeming posse of yogis who seem to have experienced something at least remotely similar to what yoga has offered me. I LOVE YOU (really i do 🙂 )

  7. Bobcat

    It’s not about anonymity vs. transparency. It’s about money vs. freedom. EJ and most other yoga blogs out there have to answer to the advertisers and subscribers (most are having too good a time crucifying JF and are oblivious to the important message) but the Babarazzi is free to be anonymous. No Lululemon clad yoginis, yoga show and festival govers could see beyond the superficial tabloid takes. You guys must be laughing hard. It takes gut and heart to do what you do – no advertisement and no riding on bloggers. Pure genius!

  8. David Lincecum

    It’s amazing that you guys have the energy to do all this work for the yoga community! Especially between all your yoga practice. It’s good that you are anonymous, otherwise you risk becoming famous yourselves! Better to do this as seva. You do require names on your comments though – don’t you think you should go anonymous there so people could really rip on you? Might get more followers. I look forward to watching your site popularity grow!

    • Thanks, David. You know, when you get up so ridiculously early to do your yoga practice you end up with a wide open day to make fun of yogilebrity culture.

      As far as being “anonymous” and thus untouchable, I think you’ll find that we critique and respond to what the personalities of yoga culture publish or have published about them. We do them the favor of not prying into their personal lives, unlike the “real” paparazzi out there. Were these personalities to be “anonymous,” as you say, we’d have just as much to go on. It makes no difference what their names are.

  9. esutra

    You are formally invited to visit my classroom in NYC to do an on-camera interview with me. You don’t even have to say your name. Just show your face.

    • Thanks for the offer, Leslie! We’re still figuring out the logistics on how to give in-person interviews. In the meantime, we could of course do an online interview. However, if it’s the “face” to face yre looking for, let’s discuss. Please feel free to contact us via email to discuss the how, when, where: aghoribabarazzi at gmail dot com

  10. wilddingo

    Frankly, after only 6 months of subscribing to them, I’m already a little tired of EJ anyway. I had to seriously question how committed they were to “protecting the sanctity of yoga” (as it seems yoga celebs are trying to do) when they posted an article from a teacher who was sexually molested as a child and admitted to liking/enjoying it. Made my stomach turn. Seriously? This is who is endorsed in the yoga community as a “teacher?” ugh.

    Besides, you guys are like, way cooler. 🙂

  11. Valerie

    I’ll say again: schweet. I am sooo glad y’all are doin’ what yer doin’.


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