[VIDEO] How To Honor The Music Of Other Cultures Without Being A Total Tool

As an addendum to #8 on our “10 Things You Will Never Need In Order To Practice Yoga” post, we offer another perspective on how to honor the music of other cultures from a so-called “Western” perspective. In many ways, the answer is fairly simple: let people speak for themselves as much as possible!

Admittedly, this issue deserves a more in-depth look. Let’s assume we The Babarazzi will be getting to that ASAP.

But, for real. Watch this video, and keep in mind all that “spiritual” music we call “global” music….


  1. JJ Love

    Wow- holy shit. Thank you.

  2. Greenpoint

    As I watched the main thoughts going through my head were:
    1. well that all seems pretty natural, and fun
    2. I really like those people
    3. ah, so that’s what real human beings are like/behave

    and then I go out to the corner grocery store and feel like I’m on an alien planet…go figure

  3. This highlights the whole cultural appropriation thing brilliantly. I was in a yoga class last night that threw me right out of myself with the arrogance of the background music. It takes a lot of chutzpah to talk about one’s authentic self against a backdrop of be-dreaded white boys crooning “Jai Om Shanti” like they’re Michael Bolton or something.

    Go ahead. Let’s bring world music into the yoga class. But can we please have a little respect?

  4. Yoga_Muff Diver

    The only thing I know is this: you have to travel and see the world, especially your own country, through the eyes of others. I never learned anything of value until I went to El Salvador in 1985 as a punk (not Sid Vicious punk, but you know) journalist and photographer. Most yoga people you meet, even people with longevity, are so thoroughly un-worldly. They are the narrowest people you’ll ever meet. Once they discovered yoga, their inquisitive brain, if they even had one to begin with, went dead, and they became like Blade Runner “replicants,” humanoid storage unit for the thoughts and memories of their “programmers.” Send them all overseas and mandate that they not try to practice yoga of any kind. Regain the capacity to be receptive to new and unfiltered knowledge and experience. Learn to open to the true Grace of a humanity so much richer and deeper than their own.

    If they can do that, there may be hope for them.

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