The Babs is Closing Up Shop /// Everything Must Go /// Crazy Sales and Deals to be Had on Everything from Lingerie to Imitation D&G Sunglasses!

To any readers not on the Facebook:

“Dear, friends and friendlies. We, The Babarazzi, have decided to finally set the monkeys who write our pieces free, and officially cease production. ‘Twas a fantastic run! We are currently finishing up our final post, which will go up first thing Monday. Between now and then please help yourself to these complimentary cannolis. Onwards and waywards, ramblin’ souls! Boo ya!”



  1. Thaddeus

    This is bullshit. I am not happy about this, but I suppose I will wish you the best nonetheless.

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  3. Fuuuuck! I’ve been mentally developing a long comment for months, but now I’ve lost the mental thread. I’m taking off my clothes and body slamming you. It makes me feel better moving to Philadelphia knowing you are folding up. Xxxo

  4. Maha Garuda

    What a long, strange trip its been…Via Con Dios Amigo…Dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out…may the road rise up to meet ya…. Fare thee well…Now I will need to find something else to do when I get outta bed at 5 in the morning.

  5. Yup. Having Friend to kick around when he’d been 40 pounds heavier and had that coven? And been a warlock?
    Those had been interesting times.

    So sorry to see you go.

    If it’s out of boredom, well, that’s tough to cure … very tough …

  6. Natalie

    Thanks for the long strange trip and taking us along with you. Will miss your caustic wit.
    All the best to you, Babs. Aloha and namaste and gratitude.

  7. Mellie

    Sad news indeed. Will be very sorry to see you go. Thank you for your brilliant, witty , thought provoking pieces that have bravely shone a light on the muck and mire of the crass commercial industry that is modern yoga. Thank you too, to all the commenters that have contributed to the brilliance of The Babarazzi.
    Shall miss you all……………

  8. (sigh)

    Years and years of practicing yoga under the guidance of celebrity yoga teachers has prepared me for this moment: I will stay in denial.

  9. Greenpoint

    and after I just got my fabulous avatar, sad to see it and you go, may the force be with you!

  10. the moment already came

    Well, I wrote a somewhat maudlin email to the Babas in the middle of the night last night, so they know how I feel. But I also wanted to say to all the readers that I have seldom seen as much juicy action below the comment line as has been found here in the last couple years. In a blogosphere where wading into the comments is usually like opening your mouth underwater in a public pool, The Babarazzi has been a refreshing exception. Thank you.

    And Baba, I hope you leave the site up after the party’s over. I would like to get a little drunk sometime from now and come back to reminisce.

  11. novecho


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