See You All on Monday /// Happy…

Be well over the next few days.


  1. I woke up this morning thinking about YOU and American Indians and something else which I’ll tell you in a sec. But, first, let me say that today’s pictorial post sent me out searching for an engagement ring to give you. Now let me tell you my third morning thought: there is nothing worse (except maybe that video if the Kirtan gaggle you sent us) than a toddler dressed in a suit and tie. Love ya. Happy you know what. X

    • Dear, Alex. It is so very wonderful to have you as such a sexy part of the seedier LES-circa-1981 side of Babarazzi commentary. As for toddlers in black suits: So long as that toddler is wearing shitty brown shoes, I think it’s ok. Much love, AB

  2. I know I shouldn’t be writing to you on thanksgiving eve– it’s naughty and certainly not in the NOW to be commenting on a blog… Yet… I must say… While I live for your love and admiration I just want to remind the public, for the record, that I was only 10 in 1981. But I DID hang on the LES at that time. You know, I want the people to think I’m wise… But not too wise. Seedy, for sure. And, yes, shitty brown shoes DO make it okay. Over and out. X

  3. Yoga Dude

    Take care.

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