Waylon Lewis Interviews MC Yogi For a Few Minutes /// And, Somehow the “Butterfly Effect” Has No Effect

Sometimes you have to ask yourself the hard questions in life. Questions like:

Should I heed this late night booty call, or should I go to sleep and get up early for yoga?


Should I jump down onto the train tracks to get my cellphone, or should I just steal this person next to me’s cell phone?

I’m sure you’ve been there.

Either way, today’s query is a conundrum of the highest order—a true mind bender—and any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


Which has more to teach us about yoga and a yoga practitioner’s relationship to the commercial yoga culture that attempts to exploit it?

Is it A.) Elephant Journal founder Waylon Lewis interviewing MC Yogi for a couple of minutes?

Or is it B.) this very NSFW video of two gorillas eating their own feces?

As per the Waylon/MC Yogi interview, I’d have to say that it doesn’t quite live up to the high standards of previous Elephant Journal work. Although, my favorite part is when MC Yogi says that seeing Ziggy Marley perform was like seeing Bob Marley perform, which I’m sure Ziggy has never heard before, right? I mean, I’m sure people don’t walk up to him every single day and say shit like, “Hey. You remind me of your dad.” It’s not like the guy has put out upwards of twenty muthafuckin’ albums of his own! I mean, reeeeeally. Give a rasta some room to breathe!

As far as the gorillas eating their own feces video is concerned, I found myself wondering if this was in fact a perfect representation of what it’s like to participate in the most vapid commercial aspects of commercial yoga culture, considering this culture digests similes of yogic tradition on the daily, and excretes only what is no longer useful. The “waste product” is then sold back to the potential buyer for consumption.

But, then I think about that Waylon interview again and wonder about our evolution from primates and start thinking about whether or not both videos are really depicting two gorillas eating their own feces! And, then my genitals explode.

Eh, whadaya gonna do? Perhaps, as Spinal Tap‘s Nigel Tufnel has said, some things are best left unsolved.


As a double treat, here’s a video of one of our favorite Marley spawn, Damian Marley, droppin’ one-drops of a much deserved rewind. Wheel up wheel up wheel up!


  1. My absolutely favourite moment of the first video was the opening credits which wax lyrical about a rotating bed… ummm. Yeah. Then the whole viddy is just sooooo yoga-related, right? Can I have a side of douche with that? 😉

  2. I met Ziggy Marley back in 1988 backstage at an INXS concert while I was trying to cozy up to Jon Farriss, and he’s a really chill guy, and it’s true EVERYONE brings up his dad in the first minute or two.
    As for Waylon and MC Yogi giving us so much insight, I’m pretty sure the new media station which David Icke is putting up, if it leaves the ground will kick shows like this right in the ass.
    Can we prove some commercial yogis are ruminants, like cows who chew their own cud?

  3. amphibi1yogini

    Beginning to see the same names over and over again on these “Interviews” … kind of harks back to Hollywood’s old Studio System in the early years of mass production of film …

  4. “doesn’t quite live up to the high standards of previous Elephant Journal work”

  5. The intro alone made me want to stab a pen into my left eye. The interview pushed me to actually do it.

  6. Garuda

    This being my first exposure to Waylon, he came off kind of arrogant. Then after a while the arrogance faded and what bubbled up was just a lazy, low fruit, journalist (lower case). MC came off as the roomate from college who would wake you up at 3 am to share his insipid poetry.

    • itstrue

      OMG! I can’t stop laughing at this. Waylan should be called Wailing, he sounds like such a cry baby having to do these boring ass interviews.

  7. gross

    TOO-FEW? you mean TOO-FEW w/ Agents? there are SO many people bringing the teachings to the peeps… the peeps that are under-the-radar who are doing the daily practices and teachings. JEDI? mc yogi is a LAME dude. “not the costume”? mc yogi IS a costume.

  8. Doris

    Good lord. That really was slimy. When are these schmucks going to get tired of “yoga philosophy” and move on to the next culturally appropriated fad?

  9. !

    “Can you do…possibly a little offering?”

    RUN! You’re about to find out how fuckin fresssh Ganesh is….

  10. Goodtimes Frisco Willy

    i think i know who the mystery guest at summer jam is !!!
    oh wait he’s performing at wanderlost again
    bringing yoga to hip hop?
    but then again according to a grumpy Waylen hip hop is all about a good time

  11. Goodtimes Frisco Willy

    There Masons!!!!
    I knew it

  12. Lalalala

    Waylon reminds me of someone from a John Hughes film.

  13. Never a day goes by when Spinal Tap can not be appropriately referenced. I often think the ludicrous scene of commercial yoga culture is pulled from a forgotten reel of a Christopher Guest movie. I had to turn the video off when what’s-his-name did the “numbers” rap. “I like numbers…duh huhhh…duhhh……” I smell shit…..

  14. Linda-Sama

    as I watched the opening shots of the the MC and W vid, one question popped into m head: sure looks white.

  15. Hans

    “doesn’t quite live up to the high standards of previous Elephant Journal work. ” Good joke since that sad site never had any standards.

  16. MB

    Waylon comes off to me as a middle-manager at an accounting firm.

  17. Portia

    Waylon did more to exploit the yoga community than most of the commercial yoga enterprises put together and the yoga community let him do it to them.

  18. itstrue

    i had to consciously unclench my butt cheeks as I watched that. It was so embarrassing. Why is Waylon having such a sulky sulk face, wining about anything he can get his little beady eyes on. And MC YOgi? Well, he just seems about 12 years old.

  19. mary beth

    I always thought of Waylon, who is making a living off of unpaid writers, like a yoga studio owner who doesn’t pay the teachers and is the only one making money off them. It amazes me that people still writes stuff though the content is pretty bad quality.

  20. (sigh)

    It’s such a fine line between stupid, and uh…


  21. novecho

    but MC’s yoga goes to eleven

  22. Greenpoint

    It’s just all so fake, superficial and uninspiring…and why is MC wearing a backpack? or is that something else?

  23. to quote MC Yogi and tie these videos together…”GOD BLESS THAT MONKEY HE MADE MY DAY!” =)

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