Gabrielle Bernstein is Wooing Me With Her Woo /// I’m OK With That

Sometimes I like to think of The Babarazzi in terms of the movie/book The Outsiders. For those who don’t know—and it’s a shame if you don’t—in The Outsiders a bunch of seriously hot greaser guys from the wrong side of town…


…go through a bunch of personal and familial shit, only to find themselves battling it out against some douchebag preppies known as the “socs” (pronounced /sōsh/) from the right side of town.


People die. No one is all good. No one is all bad. Life goes on and the hot guys keep getting hotter.

Now, in my mind The Babarazzi are obviously the greasers, and commercial yoga culture, including all so-called “rockstar yogis,” are the socs. Also, anyone who takes a picture of their muscly body while doing yoga is a soc. Unless it’s ironic. Then you’re a hipster. Either way we’ll simply never see eye-to-eye, unless of course someone writes a book about us and creates a narrative wherein we each learn a hard life lesson about the “you-in-me” and the “me-in-you” after we have a most awesome rumble in the streets.


Of course, we The Babarazzi ultimately win this rumble. But, like all good wisdom gained from a movie and regurgitated in a really annoying grad school voice that sounds a bit like awful slam poetry, “who really wins, man?”

outsiders_7 (Small)

Sometimes, just like in The Outsiders, we greaser Babarazzi actually become enamored with the other side.


So cute, clean, and rich.

And, yes. Although sometimes we can be a little crass, and you feel the need to ignore us…


…maybe that’s just the only way we know how to say that we find you pretty and we’d like to buy you a soda, and maybe kiss you, or cruise around the bases in the bushes, or back at your place, or, you know, I could of course host, if you’re comfortable with that.

Maybe that’s why I’m finding myself nodding in agreement to this Gabrielle Bernstein video:

Yes, it’s true Bernstein is pretty much a shill for the whole self-help silver bullet to spiritual success scene, but at least in this video she’s taking it down a notch. And, I can’t help but say that I really like her “let things unfold” / take it slow approach. And, I’m OK with that.

I’m also OK (as a total aside) with these shoes…


…which, though having nothing to do with the Bernstein video, and although murderous on your feet, can’t really look any hotter.

God, we love the Kali Yuga.


  1. amphibi1yogini

    “Sat Nam” … Kundalini? But no funny-looking turbans. As a regular American person, I get that same warm fuzzy feeling from that Kundalini couple Tommy Rosen and Kia Miller, and those two are hardly “socs”, even if the practice they espouse is borderline “soc”. That’s one reason.

    And, face it. who couldn’t sometimes use a little “‘Dr.’ Woo”?

  2. Maha Garuda

    All of this “Special Purpose” and greaser chatter has reminded me of the importance of our life’s lessons.

    • amphibi1yogini

      “Paging “Dr. ‘Woo’ “, “Paging ‘Dr. ‘Woo’ ” … it’s times, they have gone crazy …

      Of course, like preachers and proselytizers of old, could yoga be any different? The “guru” uses everything at their disposal, up to and including their sexuality …

      Though I am beyond anybody guessing my weight or “guessing my weight”, for that matter. When you’ve got wasting syndrome, they always get it wrong …

  3. Natalie

    Baba, where are you and who is writing this? From spirituality “lite” to Beyonce’s Louboutins? Are you watching re-runs of Sex and The City? OK by me, this whole post made the pain in my feet much less intense, as I was inspired to do my yoga practice in my Charlotte Olympia stilettos after reading this.
    Feels more like Rumblefish than the Outsiders to me, but from one screen to another, you are a star always, Babarazzi.

  4. Zodiyack

    Her advice sounds good, until it is put into practice. Next thing you know everyone is a life coach/nutritionist/ yoga teacher/reiki master.

  5. cynthia kling

    Ok great $600 shoes but GB’s yack yack is what new agers often say. Are you lost Dr Woo-Woo?

  6. Natalie

    Er, $600.00 would only get you one of those shoes!

  7. Matt Dillion back in the day! {swoon}

  8. Babs, you know I love you, but that video is a bunch of pop-feel-goody bull shit. Why is it so bull shitty?

    1. I love to sing. Nothing quite elevates me in the same way as belting out some tunes from the Gershwin song book (you know you love them too). But my singing does not even elevate my dog, who hides when I sing. Point: following your passion is NOT the same as finding your purpose. After all, Arjuna was not exactly passionate about killing his family members, but what does Krishna tell him? Too bad, it is your duty (to paraphrase).
    2. Ok, I get that you do not need to go on some great journey to find your purpose. You can let things unfold. But, she take an unfortunate turn when she says to have faith that comes to you is exactly how it is meant to be. I would like Ms. Bernstein to tell some woman who has been gang raped in the DRC that things are the way they are suppose to be and she should just trust that.

    To share a quote from Thomas Merton: “Science without wisdom leaves man enslaved to a world of unrelated objects in which there is no way of discovering (or creating) order and deep significance in man’s own pointless existence.” I do not know if it is science that has created this deep existential boredom in our society, but I am certain Ms. Bernstein’s advice will not do much for curing mine.

    And just for fun:

    • amphibi1yogini

      Many such spiritual guides will say,, “yes, being raped is unfortunate … and there are certain things that you have no control over… but you could choose how to “move on from there” … it is “in your reaction” to unforeseen, uncontrollable events … and that “strength can be developed” …

      It is true, this does not obey any laws of science … because fatalism, by its very nature … does not have laws.

      In fact, the only thing I know that has been proven is that being very high on the Maslow Scale to begin with, can control much of the uncontrollable baseline effects; and then you have some basis for some “manifestations” …..

  9. jc

    Amphibi you lost me.

    • But where could I have lost you … stopped to realize that perhaps what I mention may not be common knowledge and/or forgotten …

      The Maslow Scale is what is known as the self-actualization scale. It is comprised of 5 levels of needs. To boil it down, if you are consumed by your physiological needs (i.e., hunger, physical warmth, lack of sanitary and/or peaceable environment, etc.), you cannot concentrate as much on your higher-order needs such as belonging, self-esteem, self-development; and in turn you cannot concentrate on creativity, paying it (or anything) forward, giving back to community, altruism, morality, etc. ,etc. (the highest-ordered needs) …

      So, if you are fighting just to stay alive … you can’t exactly be concerned with whatever the hell your karma is … or even if it exists for you as a concept or even possibly able to focus on or know the meaning of the word (in whatever language it has to be translated to for you to understand it–

      that is just one example …

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