[IMAGE POST] Find Sai Baba #2

You know how goth kids get really excited about Halloween ’cause it’s the one time of year they can dress like The Crow and not get a royal ass tanning? I have a similar thought every time I see a picture of ubiquitous yoga selecta, DJ Drez: I wonder how many times DJ Drez has wanted to dress up as a sadhu for Halloween, but at the eleventh hour reconsidered and downgraded himself to just another vampire?

The thing about Sai Baba is, every day is a day to get dressed up and frizz out that mane. He knows it. DJ Drez knows it. You know it. And, we know it.

In any case, this week’s “Find Sai Baba” is a little more challenging. Enjoy.


By the way, for those who don’t know, that’s DJ Drez as in “global grooves” DJ Drez.



As opposed to “wine up yuh waist” Kachafayah Soundsystem DJ Drez.



In any case, I typically ain’t got time for yogatronica. Too focused on “merging with the Divine” and not enough sex talk. You know, real sex, not just figurative “spiritual” sex. Yogatronica is all soft and safe. No danger. Too “conscious beats.” Ugh.

Lady Saw big up on the still relevant Fiesta Riddim:


For more Find Sai Baba fun, simply click here!


  1. amphibi1yogini

    Great choice of cover photo … I’m (ahem!) old enough to have enjoyed Father Guido Sarducci back in the day …

  2. Greenpoint

    ah, he’s on the table…and would everyone in the front row actually bend their front leg for Shiva’s sake! sheez….

    • Dyspeptic Skeptic

      If Sianna (the teacher) bent her leg and instructed others to do so it might help. Now that the competency of the class has been established: Dropbacks and Handstands surely to follow.

  3. Lady Saw in the tooth? It be more like the Gong Show, mahn.

  4. Yoga Whelp

    Those are some ugly, ugly “warrior” poses. It looks like he’s teaching people how to surrender to the secret police. “Human sheep” pose?

    • The people aren’t too hot, either. Which is disturbing. I was led to believe that only beautiful white people did yoga. Or, at least, you could become beautiful and white by doing it. I may cancel my YJ subscription: I’m that disillusioned, really I am.

  5. Dyspeptic Skeptic

    Wondering if Baba sampled the same bird chirping sounds as DJ Drez for the previous audio blog. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRCE3QYIARk

    • Greenpoint

      my goodness she talks nonsense….she is full of empty, as they say….well somebody says that….

    • Yoga Whelp

      Anusara you posted that video. I really am. Fortunately, a few bleats from John Coltrane’s horn drove the cooties away. You notice that Sherman teaches from an elevated stage with a remote mike ensemble — and there are only 35 people in the room? I think the clinical term is “Bikram-envy.” Where did John Friend find all these people?

  6. Yoga Whelp

    It’s entirely possible that American yoga is just a 21st century “revivalist” movement – in place of the old tents, shouting preachers and brass bands, we have dingy studios, soapbox yogis and a DJ spewing techno. Raise your hands, people, and Praiiiiisssse JEEEEZ-us! Bringing in the Sheaves, bringing in the Shiva. And please show your appreciation with a healthy contribution at the door. All we need, I guess, is the snake-oil elixir and the miracle healing story. Wait a minute….

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