Did You Vote Today? /// Then, Leave a Voice Message for The Babarazzi and Have Your Wildest Queries Entertained!

We are steadily working on our upcoming podcasts featuring unhinged yoga commentary by your favorite pot stirrers, The Babarazzi! This week we (think) we’ll be looking at something related to kinda something about politics and yoga, but maybe not, ’cause you never really know…. In the mean time….


  • Got a question about yoga?
  • Need advice on what to wear for a date with your yoga teacher?
  • Perplexed on the best way to use your yoga practice to protest the inherent violence of the “Nation State?”
  • Baffled by a passage from one of the many wonderful spiritual texts that nobody really reads?
  • Curious about how to run a yoga business and not be a shady douche who uses the term “detox” as a selling point?

The Babarazzi can help!

Contact The Babarazzi through SKYPE and find yourself a star of the podcast yoniverse! Just search for “a_babs666” or “Babs Babarazzi” and leave a voice message with your question or comment. We will try and get to as many calls as we can on the show. Please wait for the message to play as it can take a few seconds to come on.

PLEASE NOTE: By leaving a voice message you are agreeing to have your voice and message played on the show. If you do not want your voice or message on the show, please do not leave a voice message. It’s that simple. Just email us instead. 


  1. In Fort Lauderdale waiting in a long ass line..

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