Rainbeau Mars is “Moving On” from Yoga? /// She Will Be “Make Movies and Television”?

That’s right, kiddies. According to comments made by Rainbeau Mars in response to a recent post over at It’s All Yoga Baby, the purveyor of something called “Yoga for Beauty” has decided to “move on” from being a yoga teacher, which she admits she “could never be” anyway, in order to follow her true calling: “make movies and television.”

From the comments:

“Thats [sic] why I am moving on and just sending all you yogis love. I am doing now what I was to [sic] meant to do… Make movies and television. I hope you’ll watch them.  “As if… off the shoulders to all them haters…” [sic] Did I just make fun of myself… [sic] YUP… eat [sic] your heart… [sic] all you.. [sic] MEAN YOGIS…. have [sic] you ever hear [sic] of if you can’t say something nice… to just not say it…[sic] AHIMSA – NON HARM… Isn’t that one of the eight limbs..[sic] I could never be a yoga teacher… as I am left clueless and confused about this yoga world. a [sic] yogini for life though..[sic] Dear God… give us some insight into truth and real love.”

Me thinks acquiring a publicist with a tight leash on public speaking is in order, as this sort of response is not going to hold up well in the oh-so-welcoming movie and television world. I mean, seriously. Rainbeau, if you think yoga culture is full of mean people…. Sister, we need to talk about where you’re headed!

But, now I’m starting to wonder…. Could Mars’ move be the precursor to an all out exodus of yogilebrities from commercial yoga culture? Is Mars’ jump from celebrity-yogi to celebrity-proper be a foreshadowing of things to come? Will more celebriyogis soon be fleeing the big mean streets of yoga culture in order to seek out softer greener pastures within the peaceful world of television? Sadie Nardini is already flirting with the tube with her “Rock Your Yoga” stunts.

And, both her and Mars share a penchant for goofing around in front of Be Fit’s be-skinny cameras.

Will Ms. Nardini be next?

Maybe (gasp!) yogilebrities are simply buying their time, using the popularity of yoga merely as a springboard to leap into the secular spotlight. Perhaps sites like IAYB are just wasting their time writing about this stuff, since maybe the commercially obsessed will soon just pack up and leave on their own!

Could it be that easy?

God, I hope not. If all the silly heads leave, what the hell else are we gonna write about?!

Please help us, Sonic Youth….


  1. God help us all if John Friend decides to go into sitcom-land with the likes of Charlie Sheen….

  2. Greenpoint

    At the risk of asking the stupidest question of all time, is that her real name?…

  3. Sure is, haven’t you heard of my generation of hippies who would name their children anything … ?

  4. John Friend has more charisma than Sadie and Ranbeau combined – both of which are getting a little long in the tooth for a jump mainstream culture.

  5. Dyspeptic Skeptic

    Don’t worry. Like drug lords, there will always be more aspiring silly heads to replace the others.

  6. itstrue

    Well, it takes a lot of effort to keep coming up with “entertaining yoga moves”. She probably just got bored like the rest of us watching these ridiculous displays of “yoga”.

  7. Yoga Dude

    I vote for more tributes for your “Friday Good” column of those practitioners who walk the talk.

    There is an endless supply of celbrasanaholes who don’t need more attention.

  8. DoubleRainbeau

    Rainbeau already has a successful career as an actress in such thoughtful arthouse films as 2001’s Going Greek:


    Not Safe for Work. Or human consumption.

    Sadly, Babarazzi, I think this suggests two big reasons why Rainbeau’s film career is much more likely to thrive than Sadie’s.

  9. gross

    blah blah blah. im sure many a yogalebrity wishes in their heart of hearts they could just STOP being their persona and just try to do yoga. and from where i stand, anyone acting like they have YOGA all figured out can suck my toe. in my opinion, rainbeau seems very ungrounded, but at least she’s honest. in a world of people immersed in all things yoga, we are a pretty undernourished crew. but go ahead, tell me how you are all so “CONNECTED” and then keep up w/ your everyday. at least admit (for most of us) a bit of being lost or at least fully ON A PATH filled with confusion and ups and downs and thrilling moments and otherwise. unless you reached it, then you don’t GET IT either. WAH WAH…

  10. gross

    also who cares about grammer/spelling in a blog format or in the context of yoga? what sadhu gives a donut hole about correct spelling? in the world of ANANDA, i’d venture to say that spelling is not relevant.

    • amphibi1yogini

      Some of them majored in English or were the class fink in their English classes, that’s who … but I’m not visual enough to give a fig about how people write online … long before I got very interested in yoga, I knew perfect writing did not show the reader any more respect than dribble … maybe it takes being in the business world (AND a householder) to respect those differences …

  11. Yoga Whelp

    I’m hip with any career change that involves a yogini moving deeper into the Bordello-sphere. However, I demand that she adopt a new stage name. “Fog Uranus.” It seems to capture the essence of yoga bleaching, and the precise location of where it so often occurs.

  12. jorge

    sonic youth can not help us. if even the greatest hope that monogamy was not only possible, but even quite desirable(kim and thurston’s marriage that is), couldn’t take the blows of the kali yuga…..we are all doomed.

  13. Yoga Whelp

    I hope that’s not Sadie describing how wide you can stretch your “yoni” after a 2-week course with her.

    • karen

      that’s really funny

      • Yoga Whelp

        I know I’m “old-fashioned” — read: “male chauvinist pig” (yawn) – but don’t you think Sadie, now 41, would be a lot happier if she got married and had a couple of uh, bambini Nardini? She’s developing that forced composure and gaunt countenance that is the trademark of an unfulfilled professional woman.

        Yes, I’m worried about the girl. Right now, she’s clearly charting a path to become the official “eternal teenager” of American yoga – that’s right, folks, the female Dick Clark. I imagine we’ll be seeing her doing “Rocking Sadie’s New Year’s Eve Yoga” on TV in a few years. Imagine, Sadie actually descending on that ball in Warrior pose, and blowing kisses and mouthing Namaste under all that confetti. (Sigh).

        But wouldn’t it be better – for her, if not for us, too – if she were off somewhere teaching pre-natal yoga, pregnancy yoga, post-natal yoga, post-post-natal yoga, waiting-for-my-next-rug-rat yoga — and making cookies and home-made wine. Why not trade in the Black leather for a tie-dyed smock?

        Who needs to become yoga’s Dick Clark — when you can become her one and only Julia Child? I think she already has the high-pitched warble down.

        • You are actually assuming yoga career longevity for any female who would push weight loss through exercise?

          I never would wish that on any of them unless they buy a Botox factory …

  14. Peggy

    Rainbeau has a place in burlesque, she’s already got the name,Sadie almost there, I predict a yoga diaspora to burlesque! oh wait, maybe they are already there, never mind….


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