Monday Morning Smile with Wai Lana

We here at BabaHQ are feeling all sorts of dopey squishy from this wonderful shift into Fall, and digging through the slums of commercial yoga culture just wasn’t in the cards this weekend. Whenever that happens, there’s only one thing that can save the day: Wai Lana!

I’m sure many of you have come across this at some point, so there’s not much that really needs to be said. Basically, the video has it all:

  • a body suit
  • some ill-tastic double overhead surf
  • “singing”
  • a repeated shout-out to “Madonna” whom I’m guessing is meant to be the Virgin Mary and not Madonna (surname: Ciccone)
  • and, whistling that reminds me of “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”

One would think that a video like Wai Lana’s would get crucified in the YouTube comments section, but in reality it’s just the opposite. People LOVE Wai Lana!

To get a sense of how much people really are into her one need only look at her Facebook page, which has roughly 13,000 likes! Compare that to Elena Brower’s Facebook page, “Elena Brower Truth,” the title of which makes me wanna gag, coming in at around 14,000 likes, and you gotta wonder: who the hell are Wai Lana’s fans???

Apparently, Wai Lana’s fans are people who don’t shake sticks at pizza-flavored veggie chips and gift baskets, both of which Lana produces and can be found on her website. Crazy, right?

Ech, but when you look outside this insular yoga world (of which Wai Lana is on the outside I think), you realize this is all just a drop in the bucket. I mean, ex-Van Halen singer, David Lee Roth has got roughly 57,000 likes on his page, more than four times as many as Brower.

David Lee Roth & co.

But, then again ex-Van Halen singer #2, Sammy Hagar, has got 83,000!

Sammy Hagar

Which just seems wrong.

But, don’t worry. They’re all just little baby-babies compared to the big guns.

Pepsi has 9 million likes.


  1. amphibi1yogini

    She’s probably chanting something in Hawaiian …

  2. At the point in the video with the bathing bird, my boyfriend threatened to make me a ring tone out of this song. But hey, laughing is good as it increases prana, they say.

  3. gross

    its “MadhanMohana”. a name for krishna, “he who bewilders cupid”.

  4. It was hard but I managed to make it past the whistling. Can’t believe you forgot to mention the dolphins and signature pretty-n-pink dance moves (albeit not so well executed.) Pizza flavored veggie chips? WTF?

  5. Linda-Sama

    thinking she’ll give Shiva Rea a run for her money in the yoga trance dance department…..

  6. and a whole bunch of other departments … I checked over at my blogsite … it seems she teaches restorative through very strong intermediate level … and there are no sun salutations or salutations of any sort … just these little dances here and there … obviously Shiva Rea is for the advanced gumby at times …

    I would like to know which DVD does she sing in Hawaiian on … Hawaiian music relaxes and energizes me …

  7. I agree it *IS* wrong that Sammy Hagar has more FB fans than David Lee Roth, Van Halen’s music was never the same again after Eddie and Alex kicked Dave out.
    Wai Lana is cute as a button and I think the reason why people like her so much even if she does sell a whole warehouse full of stuff is that she’s not obnoxious and full of herself.

  8. Yoga Whelp

    When I first saw the thumbnail photo, I thought she was some kind of astronaut who’d washed up on Mars. And now that I’ve seen the video, it’s clear that she is. Nothing like adding a splash of poi to your spaghetti Western. I was kind of hoping for the sudden appearance of a Great White Shark, and a segue into Jaws 6. Am I cruel?

  9. Greenpoint

    I just don’t see how anyone gets through the first 30 seconds of stuff like this…life is painful enough…


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