Coming Up Next Week!

Next week is a fun week, as we will be having our first “Smart People Look At Advertising” marathon. All next week We Babarazzi will be decoding, deconstructing, deelevating, and devaluing some of the more recent yoga advertisements that are out there. Or, we might simply do a “Top 5” with some stellar quick-witted we-write-better-than-you commentary. You never know, ’cause we never know! Either way, it’ll be good and something not to miss.

Hope you have a good weekend. We try not to post articles on Fridays ’cause no one reads them anyway, so this is all you’re getting. Enjoy it.

See you Monday, sucka MCs!

The Babarazzi.


  1. Mark

    I would love to read some commentary on “mindfulness” as a advertizing tool and catch word.

  2. patrick

    I second what Mark said. 🙂 Love what you all do. Keep up the good work !

  3. JJ Love

    you might have to dig for it- but some years ago, YJ had a tampon ad on the back cover with a woman doing scorpion turning her head to the camera and holding the box of tampons between her feet over her head. That was the last time I ever read Yoga Journal (or was it the time they did the history of yoga with shiva at one end, patanjali in the middle, and John Friend at the end?) anyway, the tampons between the feet one marked a great moment in my life.

  4. 108

    jjlove, i love ya.


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