Articles About Yoga Are Almost Always Retarded /// Now You Can Read Ours

So, obviously we’re ignoring this article by yoga-can-give-you-ouchies author, William J. Broad.

Nor are we going to comment on this “rebuttal” by Christopher Wallis if for no other reason than he is wearing a shirt one only buys while grinding their XTC teeth in Goa:

Kung-fu? Nehru collar? Too many Thai bhats left over at the end of a backpacking trip through Southeast Asia?

Eh, who knows? It’s unfortunate, really. ‘Cause Wallis’ article lays down the law pressure-style in that “Now take that, sucka” kinda way we like. Well done, sir.

But, the really real reason we are not commenting on these pieces is because of something that should be obvious by now. Articles about yoga are almost always completely and utterly retarded. Seriously. We know it’s not the most astute critique, but neither are 90% of what passes as apologetics or criticism of yoga. All that “this is this” and “that is that” and “this can do this” and “that can do that, and all the rest of it. Hype. Hype. Hype. And, we all know what Public Enemy had to say about hype, right? Exactly! 9-11 is a joke!

We will, however point out that this statement on Flow Yoga Magazine, from where Wallis’ article was posted…

Note from the Editor: FLOW has not published anything about John Friend or Anusara Yoga in recent weeks, nor will we. We believe that most of the coverage regarding John Friend and Anusara Yoga has been in poor taste, and not proper speech (with exceptions of course). We choose to use our energy to continue to promote yoga, and send healing energy, support and blessings to everyone that has been touched by this painful situation.

…is silly, in “poor taste,” and “not proper speech,” which we might add, is either a gross example of incorrect grammar, or worse, a fundamentalist view of the Buddhist call to right speech. Either one is thoroughly yawnable. (Oh, and please stop using the word “flow” in your business. Pee, pooh, and menstruation flow. Yoga just seems to kinda, I don’t know, work on your 72,000 nadis.)

So here’s our two cents in a short and sweet fashion:

Contemporary yoga (pop)culture is a wasteland. Avoid it at all costs. There is no atmosphere and you will most certainly get burned.


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