We’re Taking the Next Two Weeks Off


In accordance with the changing of seasons, we’re taking two weeks off to collect our thoughts. Be good while we’re away not thinking about commercial yoga culture. We will miss you.

The Babarazzi


  1. Anna

    Miss you too!

  2. Greenpoint

    2 weeks? That’s madness I say, madness!!

  3. Thaddeus

    Sad Face.

  4. (sigh)

    Commercial yoga culture isn’t going anywhere. Sadly.

    Please come back.

  5. Yoga Whelp

    I have a confession: I haven’t missed this site at all. It popped up on my screen accidentally; that’s actually why I remembered it. It was like some long forgotten wet -dream you remember because you folded up an old sheet and saw the semen stain. Then it occurred to me. Isn’t that just like the Spectacle of Commercial Yoga? Out of sight, out of mind. Why do you think the yogilebrities spend so much time promoting the latest weight-loss scam (Yama Yama Hey!). Because they know that as soon as they stop selling the soap, we’ll go right back to porn, pilates, hooping, zumba and sundry other more fulfilling pursuits. Maybe even a decent face-to-face offline conversation. Or what about bonking our brains out? I’ve never been one to rue the goo. Baba what?

  6. Yoga Whelp

    “When you left me, baby it was the way you said goodbye, i miss my water, I miss my water, I miss my water, you know my well’s run dry…”


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