BAck Up aNd doinG Our THinG tOmorRow

See you tomorrow with spiritual yoga predictions for 2013. Plus. New stuff all this week. And, new features coming soon. Dang. My loins feel GREAT right now!


Cheers to that, you crazies.


  1. Chai Fan

    We’ve missed you 🙂

  2. Yup:

    While you were gone:

    “Many instructors drawn to teaching in prisons said they had grown disillusioned with instructing some of the Lycra-clad urbanites seeking to channel their inner Gumbys and lose weight rather than connect with the more spiritual aspects of the practice.”

    in the New York Times via Mary Pilon

    Please don’t be gone so long …

  3. Please tell me one of the new features isn’t ‘Myspace FoNt’
    Can’t wait…


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