By “Money” Do You Mean “Feel Good”? /// Make a Lot of Feel Good Teaching Yoga

This video is awesome. Be sure to check out the “ninja” move at the :25 second mark. Hi-yah!:

Yes you can make a lot of money teaching yoga. Especially if you define “money” as “prosperity,” and define “prosperity” as “happiness,” and define “happiness” as “living a passionate life.”

Kind of reminds me of good ol’ “Millionaire Maker” Marshall Sylver….

Good luck out there! LIVE. YOUR. CORE. TRUTH!!!



Thanks to Recovering Yogi for the tweet.


  1. Greenpoint

    did she say “…and my hair wasn’t even cute..” at ~0.53 second mark??? she must be in the process of trying to get this video to disappear into the ether…

  2. amphibi1yogini

    Remember that huckster Marshall Sylver from the late ’80s — “Passion, Profit and Power”

    Well, he did have good alliterative sense and knew the all about rule of 3 in public speaking …

  3. The P

    But .. Rhett is the butler??? He’s not the one manifesting the money and power; he’s the schmo carrying around the money in a tray for the rich douchebag who wants to roll around in it. Also, Rhett Butler was never a butler. My head hurts from the logic contortions. Nardini’s isn’t much better. Hey, I like to beleive your life can get better the more you get in touch with your core truth. Maybe that will manifest as a more successful career, maybe not. Hopefully it will manifest as a more fulfilling, authentic and loving life.

  4. Linda-Sama

    interesting. I worked with a trauma survivor last night and after the practice she said it was the calmest she felt in four years since her rape.

    and that’s priceless.

    • Chai Fan

      Incredible. Thank you for sharing, and reminding us all what the true value of teaching can be. I once had a student tell me that the yoga classes we shared helped him with his grief over the death of his brother, and to tap into his emotions until he was finally able to cry.

  5. Chai Fan

    Well it looks like she has definitely found the truth of the truth of all the truth she could ever find in her truth. You go girl!!Whoooooooo! TRUTHTRUTHY_TRUTH!! YAY!

  6. the moment already came

    I think my lunch just manifested in my mouth a bit.

    • the moment already came

      Also, I’ve had about enough of people living their truth. Or even worse, their Truth. One more way to take all our baggage and petty personal opinions and wall them off behind a big, privileged word so no one gets to touch them.

      The words “My, Your, Their, His and Her” do not go before the word “Truth.” Truth means corresponding to an objective or essential reality that is not derivative. “You” do not have a truth. You have an opinion. You have an experience. Maybe you have a belief. Possibly, you have an attitude problem. But truth is not like a ball you can grab and take home so no one can play anymore when your feelings are hurt.

        • J

          To ‘the moment already came’,

          Yes but that’s just Your Truth. Stop trying to prevent Me from Contacting my Core Truth. My hair was almost Cute before I read your comment…

        • J

          Besides, you believe in an objective reality separate from one’s experience? BOY I bet you don’t fit in at most yoga studios…

      • OH THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. That drives me berserk. And, while we’re at it – one can have an opinion, but no, not all opinions are equal. I may have an “opinion” about how the surgery to remove a brain tumor might go, but are you going to trust me or a brain surgeon?

  7. voxygen

    something about this makes me want to rub myself with ashes and dung and set my hair on fire…

  8. gamby

    I’m starting to hate this women. If she had answered truthfully, “Most teachers will not be able to make the money I do ($300,000 a year I heard) without a lot of luck, outside income and connections, but there is no reason not to try”, I would let her slide. But to suggest that anybody can make the dough that she does even that twit Amy Ippoliti, is a great disservice to the yoga community. This is just pure hucksterism on Sadie’s part. I’m starting to think that yoga people are really stupid to fall for this kind of BS.

  9. Anusara_this_had_to_happen

    She sounds almost exactly like John Friend now. Listen to Friend’s videos, then hers. Uncanny. Admittedly, John used to drool sometimes. He also had that angry ego-glare when he was waiting just off camera, as if he were impatient for the interviewer to shut up so he could take over the stage. I do detect quite a bit of “ego glare” in Sadie’s mien also.

    Dare I add: Miss Sadie appears to be putting on some serious WEIGHT? Pssst psssttt….Hey what happened to your 14-day yoga “weight loss” program?

    Does the pursuit of prosperity, joy and greater self-actualization mean the inevitable triumph of Bon-Bon Yoga? Well, the Buddha was quite the Happy Chunkster after all.

  10. There are a lot of different business formations out there. Most teachers are going to make between $20-40k per annum if they are working independently. If they run businesses that create passive income (such as books, videos, etc) and or have other people teaching for them (whether or not they have studio premises), they can make much more (and still provide for others without “using” them).

    I have many friends who are ‘full time’ (well, really working part time hours) yoga teachers who earn in a comfortable $40k range, and they’re quite happy there. They have enough for their expenses, modest travel, and retirement savings.

    I think that life can be good. It doesn’t mean “insanely wealthy.” But it certainly is live-able.

    • Jenna

      You are on the high side. The average income for ALL yoga teachers is between $5 and $20k. The high-end is usually quoted by people who have a vested interest in pushing teacher training as a way to make a living, ie studio owners, Yoga Alliance, YAMA, etc. Perhaps in NYC $40k is possible but it is not that live-able

      • I suppose it is false to assert that “most teachers are going to make. . .” is a mis-statement on my part. But, I did state that this is the experience of many of my friends — who are independent yoga teachers. We live in suburban Philadelphia; Wellington, New Zealand; a couple in Australia; and a few in Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey as well.

        It’s not an isolated pocket, and while I agree that it’s often a “sales pitch” for various vested parties, it’s not absolutely the case. What I teach is how people can create sustainable businesses — whether part time or full time — because this is a skill that few people have. But of course, it’s wholly elective.

        It is possible to make a livable income — depending upon what your requirements are. If a person sees “$300k per year” as livable, I might find that to be quite challenging for the person to figure out the right method, and it’s going to take several years to get there, if they get there at all. I might suggest that they consider other work that could bring in that sort of income (ie, working in finance?), and then teaching yoga on the side. If it’s required to earn at least $50k to be ‘livable’ in NYC, then we might need to really study the structure of the market, see if there is a niche, and which formations of business might work best for that person considering his/her own talents and interests in light of the markets that are saturated, open, niche, etc. Although, admittedly, NYC is a highly competitive market (like Philadelphia was when I was there), but there are other markets that are less so, and it might do well to move to another market too (if possible).

        Anyway, I’m rambling now.

  11. Bobcat

    Sadie, please stop calling what you are teaching/selling as yoga if you want to be truthful. Call it as it is – life coaching + body movement. That’s a huge market. A lot of people want to look, feel and be better in every way. Yoga makes you think clearly which make you really humble because you realize you don’t know shit. So, you don’t say things like yes absolutely, yoga can make you rich like me. Yoga makes you realize that you don’t need to be better. So, as a result you would have no need to tell people to follow your exalted example of how to live a yogic life. What have you been practicing?

  12. i went backwards. i was teaching yoga for two years, couldnt pay the bills, and now im back in an office behind a desk 10 hours a day.

  13. I always thought of Yoga/Life Coaches as being the multilevel marketers of today.

    Instead of organic cleaning products (and a lifestyle) marketed to a downline, a lifestyle is marketed to yoga students who would become teacher trainees and perpetuate the cycle (some with better backing/more resources, etc. branching off into mini-empires [yoga studios] of their own, etc.)

    Many but not all, are hucksters and – of course, early entrants to the scheme …

  14. Especially if you define students as “clients”.


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