[AD WATCH] According to Yoga Clothing Your Life Sucks Balls

This ad is meant to scare you…

This ad is meant to make you feel like a big deal…

This ad is meant to entice your fetish side…

…(it’s working)…

This ad is meant to make you dumber…

This ad is meant to show you what extremely straight men wear to the gym…

This ad is meant to convince you that worthless hipsters should not be put on an island overrun with hungry tigers…

And, this ad is meant to convince you that your life outside of the yoga classroom is a failure and that, like a quick fix, like a drug, yoga is the one thing that can make your dead, unloved, trapped existence worth living…

Or maybe it’s just a way to “get people in the door…”

Or maybe if people sussed out their personal baggage before they crossed the threshold of the yoga studio they wouldn’t have to turn the tradition into yet another band-aid.

Get yr work done, people! You’re already free. You’re already loved. You’re already alive!


  1. Beautiful. I also took note of the yoga model sporting the latest finger nail polish trend. It’s comforting to know that although Lululemon has the most annoying name, the most ugly-ass (in the humble opinion, of course, of yours truly), matchy match (the matchiness is a fact) so-called yoga clothes—they stay on top of the latest must-have accessories (and one of the more carcinogenic–especially for the men and women who work all day in the nail salons…research is showing more clearly that the fumes REALLY are bad for humans…huh, go figure). just my morning thoughts. That and also loving you “all” at the “old” Babarazzi. x

  2. Itstrue

    I don’t understand. She only feels alive for 1 hour of the day? That’s so sad, I know a really good therapist that can help her to remember she is alive all the time! And free? What does feeling free actually mean?

  3. ko

    This ad is less odious than most. At least it doesn’t say “sustainability, luxury, namaste!”

  4. Yoga Dude

    The expectation of “perfect” is the most disturbing thing to me in the ad.

  5. The best is they show a “perfect” specimen of a slender upper-middle-class (the fancypants manicure is what says that, to me) white lady while saying “things aren’t perfect”. Oh. Advertising, you slay me.

  6. Okay, to be fair, maybe she’s not white, but it’s lulu so… and I’ve yet to see a non-white lady in their ads, not that I’m paying that close attention so I may have missed a minority cameo.

  7. jazi

    Are yoga pants comfortable? Of course they are. Do they make your ass look better? Duh … and women know this. Yes, we’re doing that for ourselves more than for men, but let’s not dumb this down and act like the thought never crosses our mind. It’s part of the reason we like wearing yoga pants, because they make us feel good.

    However, are they pants? Nope, still not pants. Of course Lululemon promotes wearing them as part of your everyday wear; they’re trying to sell product. Wearing yoga pants as leggings (socially acceptable) is not the same as wearing them as pants (sorry, not socially acceptable).
    Great post


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