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The Babarazzi is a website devoted to media criticism and satire with a specific focus on contemporary commercial yoga culture.



Hey. You deleted/censored/non-confirmed my comment! Who do you think you are?
Look. We know you’re angry. This stuff can be infuriating. However, we can’t post a comment that reads, “So-and-so is a filthy c#% rag who f@#%$s her students in the a$& with golf ball-sized rudraksha beads.” (Ouch). Not because you contaminated our brains with filthy imagery (we can get down with the dirty dirty), but because your claims can not be substantiated, and thus constitute legal baddies. If you wish to make a comment like that, you will need to cite your source. Poking fun at public personalities and media in the yoga world is one thing. Satirizing and taking the piss out of contemporary commercial yoga culture? Fantastic! However, making a specific claim about a person (ie. So-and-so f@#&s her students with shivalings) needs to be backed up with evidence.


  1. Simmonj

    You guys rock…I almosqt piss my self laughing at the posts here.

    Keep up the great work….

  2. Roeyoga

    I just found your site. I am out of breath from laughing so hard! Whoever you are thank you for speaking your truth in the most brilliant hilarious way.

  3. Many years ago when I began work as a music journalist, I would sometimes hear back from the artists that I reviewed who were not happy with what I had said. It was especially challenging when the person was an acquaintance or, even worse, a friend. Yet I would ask myself, what am I trying to do, be honest about my assessment of the music, or satisfy someone’s ego? I later read a great essay on the necessity of criticism and how, if done effectively, it raises the standards of art and expression by being a mirror for the creator to stare into. If said creator was too scared to look at what they had created, what value did it really have? If they were producing things for public consumption, why not listen to the public that consumes it?

    Another common response would be, why can’t you just be positive? The implication being that criticism could never be understood as building a foundation, not tearing down a bridge. And this even after study after study has shown that always being positive is not nearly as effective as being critically minded; it forces people to think harder, think better, and come up with more important and lasting solutions. The yoga community has always boggled my mind for this reason…or should I say, the refusal to reason. One of the most important concepts in yoga philosophy is viveka, the ability to discern. Kudos to you for taking this concept seriously.

  4. Bobcat

    I appreciate your work here but must admit I felt like taking a bath after reading for the first time. Underneath the satirical, filthy, humorous articles there is a great message. I identify with the message.

  5. thirtydaysofyoga

    “So and so is a filthy c rag…….” Hilarious. Now this looks like MY kind of yoga site!

  6. Yeah, I’m kinda loving the intention here. Cheers!

  7. do you have an email address for anonymous tips? if we see an example of blatant yoga bleaching in the media and we’d like to share it with you, what to do?

  8. mji

    thanks! y’all beat me to it!! you’re speakin the language of my tribe.

  9. So glad i found you all….

  10. Rebecca

    We just found you and fell in love. Keep em coming đŸ™‚

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  12. Tomasz Goetel [Hot Yoga]

    You guys are insane. Keep going!

  13. are you publishing this site anonynmously? while you may be providing some entertainment around the hypocrisy of yoga culture, it’s lame to be doing it from the shadows. do you actually practice yoga? this site to me seems a greater representation of what’s wrong with yoga than the subjects you cover.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Michael. Feel free to poke around the site. All the answers you seek can be found in varying pieces.

    • Nick

      —-> Michael
      “It’s lame to do it from the shadows”
      Curious what makes you say that. I guarantee if you paid the right hacker a few hundred bucks, the anonymity of the internet could easily be pierced.

      What do you see as wrong with yoga? I imagine you mean contemporary yoga culture, but I’m genuinely curious – perhaps your instead auggesting there’s something wrong with yoga in and of itself.Jay Brown, over the past year, has commented on the stinging character of some of these posts.

      If you find entertainment here, keep reading for sure. I’ve at times found laughs, outrage, obsession, liberation, and expansion from posts (and for that matter, comments) on this site.

      At this point, I simply like this website, even if they sometimes get a little offensive, tongue in cheek, or absurd.

      Keep on writing Babarazzi.

  14. Michael McBrearty

    The goal of Yoga is to reach Enlightenment.
    To practice Yoga without reaching that permanent, radically altered state would seem, in the Asian cultures in which yoga & meditation flourished, as pointless as going on a journey without reaching your destination.
    Americans don’t believe this because most US Yogis–teachers included–typically have only a few years or perhaps a decade of practice; and their “guru” is, or was, some blonde, blue eyed, Californian businessman or business woman. As one who has practiced Yoga & meditation every day for four decades, and received shakipat (initiation) from a genuine, Indian (what ever his faults), Yoga master, Swami Muktananda, my first impression is that Yoga as currently practiced in America, compared to the real thing, is like getting drunk on green dyed beer on St. Patrick’s day compared to genuine Irish culture.

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