Sadie’s New Look /// Cyberpunk or Steampunk /// It’s Neither

I have to admit, when I first heard about Sadie’s new side-shave, I was skeptical.


Even though I was down with Rockabilly-Sadie, which is a throw-back look, I was feelin’ like “side-shave Sadie” was a bit “too-soon-too-little-too-late Sadie,” a little too “Skrillex,” if you ask me. And he’s, like, ten! (He’s twenty-five).


But, then I got a closer look. Spotted at the recent Yoga Journal Conference in the NYC, Sadie can be seen cyberpunking it up, complete with what looks like, but unfortunately isn’t, chain mail.


Were her decolletage actually bedazzled with chain mail, we’d be having a very different discussion. One that involves words like “will you” and “marry me.” But, as it were, we must simply move on to commenting on Sadie’s well-chosen cropped double-breasted jacket which has wonderful buckles to rein in those pesky sleeves.

And, I must say that I’m a sucker for all-black. Not so much when Seane Corn busts it out in what reads like an ill attempt at looking more “Occupy”…


…but all-black is hard to do wrong.

The only thing about this new hair experience that gets my pubic hairs all knotted up is that it’s obviously a major rip on Die Antwoord‘s Yolandi Vi$$er


…which is a ballsy-ass move, ’cause that’s, like, her thing, and she’s a bazillion time more “rockstar” than our friend Sadie. [The insanity begins around the 1:37 minute mark.]

But, if Vi$$er—who is phenomenal—was indeed the source material for Sadie’s new head, I have to say I’m a bit curious for what comes next….


All yoga photos:


Thanks to Roseanne for the tip!


  1. Yoga Whelp

    “Makeover Pose” may not be the most dangerous yoga asana – but it’s surely one of the scariest. And the injuries are largely internal.

  2. Garuda

    Psh!!! Now you’ve done it Baba. Sleeve buckles? Really?…I spent too damn much time at the Prana factory sale just to get my hands on the latest shirt that happens to have sleeve buckles. Now you are telling me that they are passe’?…Arrrrrgh! …I guess I will just have to mothball them until next week when they become retro ,,,but then I will just start to look like some pathetic, aging hipster, wont I?…But then that is really what this post was all about, Sadie’s love affair with Capriciousness.

  3. Does this chick have some sort of a perpetual identity crisis? Watching Sadie change personas is like watching a teenager in the 8th grade “try out” different crowds (prep, jock, nerd, stoner or popular) after watching “The Breakfast Club”.
    Sadie, if you want to be taken seriously as bad-assed and own your own look, stop watching what other people do and start getting comfy with yourself. It’s time you took *that* off the mat and into your being.

  4. Chai Fan

    Its kinda funny that they try to rock these looks at the yoga journal conference held at the- what Hyatt or something? Some big hotel chain. Wherever it is, its about as far away from either any puck or the occupy movement that you can possibly get. That top pic looks like quite the scene…

  5. Yoga Whelp

    That Yolandi video is so fucking boss. If you guys haven’t watched it, do. You’ll piss your pants. Any girl who wears a T-shirt that says “Who needs tits?” is obviously the bomb. Maybe Sadie could schedule her shoots or something? (I actually thought that top pic was a lonely hearts gathering on Polka night in downtown Chicago).

  6. Goodtimes Frisco Willy

    Yolandi fukin Vi$$er!!!!!
    She is the alpha and omega of rockstars

  7. the moment already came

    Yolandi & Ninja are crazy incredible–including Fatty Boom Boom in this post may be your finest public service to date, BaBa! I heard about them thru Roger Ballen, who did the amazing video for “I Fink U Freeky,” which I can never unsee. I miss it how a music video used to be a piece of art.

  8. justbehonest

    saddie should be an inspiration for all!!!
    1) you dont need to be original, just copy innovators.
    2) you dont even need to be good at what your doing, just pitch yourself to people who wont know the difference. ( – worst info ever)

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  10. Thoa Kun

    Your treatment of American yoga culture is hilarious indeed. I do believe that Sadie Nardini is vapid, boring and pretentious but aren’t the folks at Baba supposed to be enlightened? I think you guys are too busy with your inner being to spend time making fun of these celeb pseudo yogis.


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