This Sprint Commercial Captures the True Spirit of Commercial Yoga Culture /// Sadie Nardini Makes Yoga Sound Like a Daytime Commercial

Commercial yoga culture relies on the belief that whatever you want can, and should, be had at this very moment. And, not only that, but yoga is the means by which to get it. Yoga presented as “data dressed as pixels,” the ability to “upload the human experience,” and the “right to be unlimited.” Just check this latest sell-copy from Shady Nardini for her “Flow and Flight” section of her upcoming vinyasa workshop that exemplifies this “I deserve to have it all” schtick most eloquently:

“Wonder why your “flying” poses always feel so heavy or frustrating, or why you can’t attain them at all? Or, are you already flying but want to fly higher, more easily and safely? This brand-new physics lesson will blow your mind—and your poses—into the stratosphere. Whatever your level, you’ll always be in mastery as you build poses from the ground up and work where you are. Use the awesome laws of physics to your advantage and create true freedom.”

I’ve got to give it to Sadie. Somehow she managed to make contemporary yoga culture sound even more like a daytime commercial sandwiched between a bit on Viagra and pesky rain gutters.

Shady Nardini

Shady Nardini

I guess this recent Budweiser commercial really does portray commercial yoga culture’s relationship to itself:

Good morning, Monday.


  1. A billion roving photojournalists uploading the human experience … my, my, my … most of us are amateur photojournalists, admitting it; and content to stay that way.

    Having lost weight because I got sick is better against gravity than any workshop. That is the REAL physics. Gravitational acceleration, baby. When you are not naturally strong in the upper body.

    So: Sprint fail. Sadie fail.

    Personally, I love that #Clydesdales commercial. I had to let go of the old life, only to see it come back and slap me in the face, rather than neck with me …

  2. amphibi1yogini

    I also see the clydesdale as a metaphor for how the farmer (yogi) sells out their clydesdale (yoga) to the Budweiser roving circus (yoga spectacle and traveling teachings, workshops and retreats), this clydesdale (yoga) which they have nurtured nearly from birth. Takes it on the road, and it is sort of recognizable only by the way it knows who its “master” is, after years …

    But that interpretation is a little on the subtle side.

  3. Yoga_Dude

    “Sadie Nardini is a renowned Ultimate Wellness and Yoga expert ”

    What is “ultimate wellness”? I am most curious as to how it compares to other degrees of wellness.

    • I think “ultimate wellness” refers to a sort of hyper-wellness where you begin leaving your human form and merging with the very “being” of wellness itself. I imagine you merge with that Platonic *Wellness* in the sky. I forget what he called it. You know, the thing Itself. It’s also a killer workout and great for weight loss.

      • Ohhh, you forgot to mention the diet and cleanse routines enclosed.
        And, also, the “Results not Typical” legal disclaimer; along with the ubiquitous indemnity clause. “Not all exercises are suitable for every individual. Be sure to check with your doctor before starting this or any other exercise program …”(etc.), also included with purchase at no extra charge …

        well, a little dose of “Reality (Show) Wellness” never hurt anyone …

      • Yoga_Dude

        Your clarity knows no bounds. I am humbled.

  4. Garuda

    One thing I notice about Tech Device commercials is that the big sell is all about how their particular device will bring life all together while you remain strung out. Like a hurricane suppression device. When what you really need is to get out of the cyclone that is reaching category 4 tempo and is increasing, the more ‘connected’ you strive to be.
    I guess I see The Narn Dog (my apologies to dogs everywhere) as a meth lab alchemist. Cooking the poison using whatever ingredients needed to get the sh*t cooked and out the door.
    Sell it to whomever will buy it, but you gotta sell that sh*t because sure enough she’s gotta new batch cooking and these bangs dont cut themselves.
    Selling a solution to gravity should be a good first indicator that what she needs is to get grounded

  5. jorge

    i was feeling her on this though, “awesome laws of physics”……just sayin

  6. gross

    that phone ad has bothered me from the 1st time i heard it. “i deserve this”. sounds like a handel group motto. i deserve unlimited uploading? wtf is that? i do love the horse in the bud commercial. sad that he is a work-horse. he was probably like, “dude, take me back to the farm! get me out of this friggin parade biz!”. the dif w/ the horse is that he was sold into the commercial, and sadie is selling herself. she is disgusting.

  7. Greenpoint

    wow, you can “create true freedom” in one easy workshop, bunch of charlatans have infested (and infesting) the yoga scene…absurd yet flaccid…

  8. Linda-Sama

    I know the Chicago studio where she will be. they will be hanging from the rafters for her workshop.

  9. Tulasi-Priya

    Sorry for the weird (double) posting. It came from my mobile. Don’t know why it came out that way.


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