[SITE UPDATE] Internet Down /// No Posts

Hey. So the internet has been down at the BabaHQ and posting articles has been a bit too tricky. In order to get posts out we’d need to somehow write them outside the HQ so as to be able to upload them. the other option is writing them at BabaHQ, Bluetoothing them onto a phone and then uploading the via phone. This sucks and is a pain in the ass, so we’re not doing that.

Hopefully we’ll be back up Monday.


  1. Yoga Whelp

    Did Brower’s girl gang pull the plug? Or the thugs at Yoga Journal? “Corporations are people, too!”

    • Since Elena is only one of ten writers for the site, there’d have to be a concensus to take it down. And the Yoga Journal people, who are really The Five Friends Magnificent, don’t really get a say, soo…. Really, it’s just the internet.

  2. Dyspeptic Skeptic

    For some (not I), that qualifies as a Friday Good.

  3. Yoga Whelp

    It’s totally lame – not even a photo. Nothing. A picture of Mothra or Godzilla with a photo-shopped head of Brower on top. A totally lame – how-much-do-you-love-me – poll or survey of readers about the Baba site. Anything. We’re piranhas, put it in the water – a tin can, anything – and it’s gone.

    • Not totally sure what yre saying here…. It sounds like you’re making fun of the post or something. Can’t tell. If you have a question about it, I’d be happy to answer.

  4. Yoga Whelp

    It was getting to be “Shit, Shower, Shave – and Shiva.” This morning just wasn’t the same. :o(((

  5. Yoga Whelp


    Ten thousand flowers in spring,
    the moon in autumn,
    a cool breeze in summer,
    snow in winter.

    If your mind isn’t clouded
    by unnecessary things,
    this is the best season
    of your life.

    Wumen Hukai
    (Zen Master, 1187-1260)


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