[FRIDAY FUN TIME] “The Big Yoga Event” Featuring GLTTN & Gallant


  1. Thaddeus

    I love you Babarazzi…will you be my new best friend?

  2. 108

    i love this post as it is werid. its awesome. hilarious. brilliant. random. daily devi…… hmmm, that gives me some money-making ideas. last night i had a dream that i was teaching bikram chowdry’s daugher parvritta trikonasana (does he even have a daughter?)…..

  3. Greenpoint

    great context…yoga as played out inside the ol’ American Myth…

  4. yogaweed

    Nothing like reading some random wake-and-bake psychosis first thing in the am… got a kind of sort of om Tomorrow feel about it too (which I love). Peace out.

  5. Bwahahaha! There is so much wrong with this, that it’s right!

  6. Yogically speaking

    This is way beyond Gonzo. It’s even beyond Bonzo. It’s like asking Ozzie and Harriet for the key to the Da Vinci code, and when you open the secret door, you find yourself in Twin Peaks.


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