16 Gurus as Guilty Pleasures /// Deelish

Yes, yes. Obviously your guru is the axis upon which the cosmos turns. We get that. But the cosmos is BIG, and includes a lot more than stars, right? Like, pillows, and rainbows, and donkeys, right? So, if Guru is God (which might be true), and God is Everything (which is obviously true), and if God is everything including crappy junk food, than doesn’t that mean that Guru can also be God forsakenly delicious???

We think so!

Check it:


















  1. Pranama Red

    I would clap, but that is so pre-scandal.

  2. Yoga Dude

    Bananas Foster….yum!

  3. Greenpoint

    now that Chogyam Trungpa cat has got some style!…way ahead of his time…

  4. chai fan

    My favorites are Amma as a nice powdered donut, and Osho as space ice cream. Am I’m wondering what Pat Bing Soo is, it looks amazing! What are those fruity pebbles on there?

  5. 108

    8, 11, 12, 16 are amazing. 16 is BEST. osho is def space cream. i don’t know how long this took you, but i like it.

  6. yoga_muff diver

    Only one problem. In keeping with contemporary gender prejudice, you have listed only men. And, in fact, they are not – not any longer.

    Here’s one of the guiltiest pleasures of them all: Gurumayi of Siddha Yoga. You listed her father? He has nothing on her.

    Gurus have come a long way, baby. Not even sure ice cream is the best visual metaphor. A cone in the shape of a strap on?


    • yep

      You need to learn to read, or at least how to look at pictures. These 16 aren’t all men.

      • yoga_muff diver

        Yes, she’s but a token, but it could easily be 50-50 at this point. It’s whether you buy the feminist meme on the guru problem – which is really just another form of yoga “bleaching.”

        Neither gender has a monopoly on revelation – or ruin. Gurus are equal opportunity abusers. We need to start from that – or we are just inventing an entirely new power-laden ideology.

  7. The P

    Now I am craving a powdered donut and a hug! What do lego candies taste like anyway?

  8. Siri

    Thanks for the full bellied laughter!

  9. Speaking of Michael Roach, have you been following the bizarre turn of event sin the AZ Desert?

    (“Christie McNally and Michael Roach, Famed Buddhist Teachers, in Tale of Death in Arizona Desert; Ian Thorson, McNally’s Husband, Found Dead in Cave”)


    • yoga_muff diver

      I’m shocked, shocked that a female was involved in the Roach transgressions! OMG, really? I know yoga teachers are 85% female but I’ve been assured by ALL women in yoga that only venal men engage in guru power trips, and that yoga women, like the Divine passion flowers of pure Grace and innocence that they are, will literally fly in on angel wings to save us! I’ve been so counting on this! And now you’ve literally burst my condom by insinuating that Christie McNally was involved. Shucks, I’m sure she meant well, don’t you think?. But where can I look for leadership now? The transgendered? Hermaphrodites. Unicorns?

  10. voxygen

    Christie is being portrayed as a “victim”, but from what I understand, she latched on to Roach with a dogged determinism. What better way to test your “powers” and feed your ego than to seduce a monk? That he could be seduced probably speaks more to his own weakness than her power, but never mind… there was a meeting of egos and ambitious agendas here, no question

  11. Omiya

    best picture of John Friend, ever

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