[The Friday Good] All Things Ram Dass (esp. His Love For His Guru)

Despite what a few people would like to believe, The Babarazzi are in fact shameless lovers of the biggest baddest stupidest Love you can find. True Love. Idiotic Love. Throw you on the floor and bite your ass cheeks Love. We love it All! And yet, there’s little we love more than Ram Dass.

We love his voice. We love his humor. We love that he had one of the sickest beards of all time. We love that he is more or less bi-sexual. We love that it’s almost impossible not to love him. But, what we love most is watching Ram Dass love his guru in the film “Fierce Grace.”

There’s been a lot of blah-blah-blah these days about whether or not “we” should forsake the guru, forsake the spiritual Teacher, and in its place put…well…hmmm….a nickle and a wish maybe? A really chill-out flow jam mix on your iPod? A puppy? Ha! For all of us who own our adulthood and can differentiate between being brainwashed and having our hearts and minds blown, we say pshaw to all the doubters.

So, in direct spite of all the empty chatter these days about fallen teachers and guru paradigms supposedly coming to an end, we The Babarazzi take this Friday Good to honor the very beautiful Ram Dass, the great Love he had for his guru, Neem Karoli Baba, and the even greater Love that is the True student-teacher relationship on a whole.

May all beings find a love as big as Thee! Amen.

Now watch these two clip from “Fierce Grace” and allow yourself to cry like a little baby. We do!


  1. bluebell

    Thanks for this post- it really made my day! What an inspiration. Keep up the good work- your site is opening up my eyes to so much and is reminding me why I practice in the first place.

  2. Greenpoint

    This is good stuff, appreciate you putting it together…

    I’m curious about Ram Dass’s, aka Richard Alpert, ties to CIA mind control experiments, perhaps this is at least part of what he did not want people to know about/was ashamed of as per the first video…now none of us are angels of course…

  3. JJ Love

    you are my soul mate, babarazzi- I always thought maybe….now I know

  4. iamronen

    I so want to say how great this is … and it is … however … I’ve not tasted it in this lifetime … and it doesn’t seem like enough to me.


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