[VIDEO] Dear, Kelly Morris /// A Response

Here is our response to Kelly Morris’ recent article on Elephant:

Also find it here….


  1. Kate Bartolotti

    May I moderate, please? We can choose to diverge in opinions from Kelly Morris, while still acknowledging respectfully that Kelly is moving from the depth of her wisdom body. Negative and sarcastic sentiments as expressed in this movie are not tolerated.

  2. Hello, Kate. Allow us to retort.

    With all due respect, learning to tolerate differing, even negative and cutting, responses to public statements is the very basis of informed discourse. Without it, we as a society will be left with tyrants.

    And, while our stance is certainly and unquestionably in opposition to Kelly Morris’ take on recent yoga scandals, it must be made clear that there is no sarcasm in the movie. We are being specific, explicit, and intentional. There is actually, from our point of view, very little humor in this movie.

    So, while I have no reason to believe Morris is acting from anything called a “wisdom body,” (for better or worse, I am not in her body to know), I may still say that from one wisdom body (mine) to another (yours), we mean everything we have said. In that exists the spark.

  3. Greenpoint

    Hey- where can I get one of those “wisdom bodies” for myself?

    Now that’s sarcasm! At least an attempt at such…

  4. This is brilliant. I’m quite upset that I didn’t think of this myself. I’m doing my darndest to find out who makes these videos of yours, but I admit: I’m an old-bat-yoga-teacher with minimal internet detective talents, lying in bed in the dark, while nursing my 8 month old. How can I get my hands on some more of these? How do I say: I think you and I might be soul-mates (if I believed in soul-mates) without sounding like the star-fucker that I am? Give me a hint? Some scrap to keep me entertained during these sleepless nights of attachment parenting.
    Yours Truly.

  5. Charlotte and Sydney

    My sister and I found the Kelly Morris article in question to be disjointed, sensationalist, and insulting to our considerable intelligence, respectively 🙂
    We are happy to see that this video so adeptly expresses our sentiments.
    Rock on.

  6. Peggy

    I see students as clients , and I don’t think it’s a good idea to sleep with clients unless you are a hooker, it’s bad business and unethical in my opinion, however I really appreciate your video, it’s undeniably intelligent, and it takes the piss out of people who hold themselves in too high a regard.

  7. the girl chooses the guy every time.. and then plays the victim. good vid

  8. Thank you Babarazzi. I amsaddened by Kelly’s ‘take’ on this issue and her manipulative weaving of fiction and bad statistics into a real and hard issue for some.

  9. CJ Potts

    Why is she a.l.w.a.y.s. popping her pussy at us, whether in her writing or her photos?. I think, based on her typical sartorial appearances (teetering toward ‘yoga skank’ in her camel toe shorts) she is desperately seeking approval and validation that she is a desirable woman from the same paradigm she in turn ridicules.
    Straddling HHDL as if naked…really? Spread eagle (again with her pussy in our collective face!) beneath a photo of HHDL…really? This person is part of the problem, not the solution.


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