[LISTEN TO THIS] Aghori and Chickie Talk Brunch, Getting the MDMA “Sads,” Bone Broth Oatmeal, and Eating “Urban”


We’re bored of reading Babarazzi comments about who should take the blame (men or women, blah blah) for the supposed big sorry fall of yoga. People seem forget that commerce is commerce. Yoga is a practice you do. Commerce is something you buy.

Instead, here’s a recording of Aghori and Chickie talking about a bunch of random stuff that has nothing to do with that. Astute listeners may even catch a glimpse of Mrs. Buttermilk yammering on in the background!


[audio https://thebabarazzi.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/000aghori_chickie2_edit_final1.mp3]


  1. Wow. I have always felt the exact same way about salads. If I make it, it’s like I never actually ate. Yet if someone else does, I can feel the saladness of it. What’s up with that???!?

    • I’m convinced it has something to do with the “binders” in the salad (dressing, corn, salt, lemon juice). I think putting these on the salad yourself exposes something we aren’t supposed to see. Like sneaking back stage at a magic show.

    • Yoga_Dude

      I read an article covering this exact conundrum. It has to do with your nose/senses acclimating to the smell of whatever it is that you are preparing as you are preparing it. As your sense of smell acclimates to the salad ingredients, those smells are now less important/less novel to your nose. Thus when someone else prepares food and it is presented to you for the first time, you have new smells/odors presented to you and you begin to take them in for the first time to their maximum effect.

      No different than when someone uses the bathroom after you and their olfactory senses perceive your experience far worse than you did at the time you left the room.

  2. Sarah

    That was just about as boring as listening to Waldo at Elephant jammer on and on. You are much better at trashing Kelly and Elena.

  3. Yoga Whelp

    It could be the reverse. Commerce is a “thing you do” – especially if you’re Americans. And therefore, yoga is “a thing you buy.”


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