What People Say

[Ed.: Many thanks to all those who read what we have to say and to all those who comment on how we do it. Below is a selection of some of that feedback.]:

“How do I say: I think you and I might be soul-mates (if I believed in soul-mates) without sounding like the star-fucker that I am?”

“You, of course, are entitled to your own opinion, but that opinion is wrong.”

“Ahhhhhhh. That’s the sound of my soul being quenched by its discovery of this site. So glad I found your voice in the desolate wilderness of yoga beaching.”

“Fuck you.”

“You guys must be laughing hard. It takes gut and heart to do what you do – no advertisement and no riding on bloggers. Pure genius!”

“I just wanted to say I appreciate your website immensely.”

“I totally get it and thank you for your blog. It’s great to have a counter-point to the piles of shlock that is squeezed out by the mainstream yoga industry and the various vested parties.”

“What message are you putting out into the world which benefits the lives of others?”

“It feels like the writer is siting around riled with anger and bitterness.”

“I say “bravo, Babarazzi” for naming the pathology that is yoga plus capitalism. I think it’s hilarious and a few snarky comments won’t hurt anyone.”

“Finally a seeming posse of yogis who seem to have experienced something at least remotely similar to what yoga has offered me. I LOVE YOU (really i do :) )”

“Whoa you Babarazzi folks are making juice from my mind grapes. It’s soooo tasty.”

“[W]ho benefits from your article other than your own, seemingly quite inflated, ego?”

“I really appreciate the humor you bring to these gross topics. As a teacher and yoga student I am also sickened by the ego-maniacal nature of the yoga world the last couple of years in NYC.”

“Babarazzi…Appreciate all of it…keep on keepin on!”

“Sounds like there is some haterism in your game, maybe because you can’t get attention or money, and you begrudge those folks who do!”


“Thanks Babarazzi for putting forth things we ALL talk about in private anyways.”

“I don’t understand this blog or the writer’s intention.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

“Thank you Babarazzi! It’s HIGH TIME someone, anyone, shone this light on the turd-fest of shameless, salivating self-promotion that has infiltrated the yoga world.”

“Thank you for your post; I wish you well, and hope your future postings come from a more reasoned place.”

“I think that if you believe in what you’re saying, you should stand behind your message instead of hiding in the shadows.”

“Your anonymity is unfortunate.”

“What difference does it make who The Babarazzi ‘is’?”

“I just learned about your site/mission and wanted to say HELL YEAH. Hard to explain how relieved and just plain thrilled I am to see what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. I’ve been teaching in NYC for 9 years, training teachers in a 200-hour program for about 5, and I’ve grown increasingly distressed about where yoga culture has gone, and where it seems to still be barreling towards: some sort of name-droppy, image-centric, we-are-all-perfect, no-need-to-examine-a-thing, bullshit, pseudo-spiritual hell, as far as I can tell. I struggle with it all, and try to employ Svadyaya to the best of my ability, and then gently but enthusiastically share with students and teachers-to-be that there may be other wonderful ways to engage this practice . . . . sigh. Anyway. Thank you so much for being here, helping me feel slightly more grounded, slightly less insane, and very much not alone.”


  1. A great asset for Yoga in this modern world where concerns for what Yoga is are increasingly tempered with concerns over what Yoga isn’t.

  2. sally

    Like DFW said, watch out for clever-itis, it will kill your soul.

  3. Yoga_Muff Diver

    “Paul Harvey”? For a second there, I thought maybe that old gray radio eminence from the Cold War had been resurrected from the dead by your magisterial insight into the human condition to report that yes, the Devil indeed wants us dead again. The Devil that Wears Lulu, that is.

  4. You guys are hilarious, love your stuff.


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